(the mood)

An artist based in NYC, Hanna Umin navigates desire, labor, and denial.

(she desires, she labors, she is denied)
- objects, sent to overseas friends.




She has a preoccupation with misanthropy, isolation, and tragedy. She lightly loves brutality and bulk; she is interested in an art object's weight as mediating proxy, a system whose completion may result in surplus signification. Much like how the completion of a fatalist narrative might leave a body, the art object might leave a dissoluble element once it has exhausted its function. Droning, budding, dissociated, negative. 

Circumscription. Working through an expanding and contracting set of themes and objects, she develops pieces and projects via concentrated, layered processes of distribution and redistribution. They are intuitively constructed as heavy heterogeneous clusters, whose linkages are based on momentary narrative association or overlapping traits. By virtue of either an inferred index or sensed syntax, contingent aspects are thus averaged into a kind of proto-definition, supplementary description, or whole. 

The contained forms nevertheless point to a parallel mechanism. These inferences or sensations are generated by something absent and exterior: an abstract unity, an idiosyncratic key, a recognised similarity between traits. The contained clusters circumscribe a parallel mechanism. The code is muted; an explicit affirmation of interior necessity is thus met with themes of mediation, subjugation, and denial. 



- plays with panties, facial tics, and a general lack of resolution

(at "Unkempt at the NYC Porn(hub) Film Festival" Brooklyn, NY. June, 2016)

- SOCRATES: Ever, as we say, into the hotter and colder there enters a more and a less.
(at "Farewell Old Rd", DIG, London, July 2015)
- laying down a negative
(at Degree Show, Camberwell, London, 2013.  And with live music by BADFOOD at Hau2, Berlin. February 23, 2014.)


Hanna Umin


BA(hons) Painting, Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London, June 2013

Foundation Diploma, Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London, June 2010




- Motte and Bailey Faire, London, UK. April 2019

Living Room, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY. February 2019

-In Styx Silt, Gern en Regalia, Queens, NY. June 2018

-Somethings Come Between Us, Songs 4 President, Queens, NY. October 2017

-Franconia Residency Show, Franconia Sculpture Park, MN. August 2017.
-Show Home, Safehouse, London. October 2016. Sculpture.

-Unkempt at the Pornhub Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY. May 2016. Video. Mask, Geddes Gallery, London. January 2016. Custom mask.

-Goodbye Old Rd, DIG, London. August 2015. Sculpture and video.

-ASYLUM, Big Irvs, Brooklyn, NY. May 2015. Sculpture.

-Artist in Residence, DIG (http://www.digspace.co.uk/), London. May-June 2014. Curated a group show “Enterprise”, contributed two murals, print collaboration, and an installation. Lead a taxidermy workshop. Set design for Teenage Caveman's music video.

-100 Degree Festival, HAU, Berlin. February 2014. Video contribution for BADFOOD's performance.

-Camberwell Degree Show, Camberwell College of Arts, Camberwell, London. June 2013. Large scale installation and video work.

-BA.SE, Shoreditch Town Hall, Shoreditch, London. March 2012. Installation and performance.


Print Contributions


Upcoming: Chapbook with Amphetamine Sulphate, Austin TX

Upcoming: Artist's book with Mrs. Patterson's Press, London.

-Contributor, Limbo Limbo, drawing publication for Limbo gallery, London. October 2015.

-Contributor, Hope, zine for DIG's “Goodbye Old Rd”, London. July 2015.

-Enterprise, zine collaboration with Mrs. Patterson's Press, London. June 2014

-Contributor, Neru Phuyt Magazine (http://www.neruphuyt.org/), London. April 2014.

-Exile: A Zine on Free Will, for DIG Women's Day, London. March 2014.

-Photo and sketch diary for Babak Ghazi's Lifework, at Raven Row, London. June 2012.


ig: xx.clytemnestra.xx